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A Crash-Course in pre-k with Robert C. Pianta

[Robert C. Pianta is Dean, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia. He is founding director of the the Curry School’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning and director of the National Center for Research in Early Childhood Education. A fuller biography may be found here. This is an edited transcript of Dr. […]

A tale of two movements: Why standards and choice need each other

BY KATHLEEN PORTER-MAGEE | The modern education-reform movement is essentially made up of two distinct but complementary strands: one focuses primarily on raising K–12 academic expectations, particularly for poor and minority students, who have long been held to lower standards than their middle-class and affluent peers. The second is aimed at expanding education choice ...

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Improving Economic Diversity at the Better Colleges

BY PEG TYRE | This past January, 80 college and university presidents convened at the White House to discuss ways to get more capable low-income students to and through top colleges. It’s an important topic — especially as concerns sharpen over slowing rates of social mobility in the United States. A college education continues toRead More