The Director’s Award for Research in Education Equity: Finalist Presentations

The CIEP Education Equity Initiative exists to evaluate and promote empirical research on closing America’s educational achievement gaps. On October 23, the Initiative is sponsoring a prize in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to research on education equity by an up-and-coming scholar. Our public forum provides an opportunity for the selected finalists to explore…

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Director's Welcome

Director’s Welcome

To our visitors, I want to welcome you to the City University of New York’s Institute for Education Policy. The Institute is the city’s first university-based policy analysis and research institute explicitly focused on the challenges we face in our PK-20 education system. The CUNY Institute, which is appropriately housed at Roosevelt House (the historic home…

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Specialization Versus “Core” In Gifted & Talented High School Education

BY DR. TONY FISHER | If you are responsible for designing the curriculum for a school of gifted and talented high school students with a diverse set of interests, you face a fundamental choice: What will you require of every single student in your school?  The answer to this question inevitably reveals something of your…

Director's Perspective

An Open Letter On School Accountability

Below you will find the outline of some thoughts on educational accountability. The topic has become one of the central issues in contemporary reform efforts in American education, with particularly heated debate over efforts to measure the effectiveness of teachers through test scores as well as classroom observations. But the issue is wider than this,…

Reports from the Field

The Flipped Classroom

BY CATHERINE JOHNSON | Flipped classrooms came to my New York district by stealth. Months after teachers had begun “turning learning on its head,” as the newsletter would eventually put it, school-board members had not heard the term “flipped classroom” and did not know what a flipped classroom was. By the time they found out, high…