College Access, Readiness, and Persistence


Yes, it is Possible to Close the First-Generation Achievement Gap

BY MAI MIKSIC | There is some good news about college enrollment: more racial and ethnic minority students are going to college than ever before (Snyder & Dillow, 2013). From 1976 to 2011, the enrollment of Hispanic students increased by 10 percentage points, Asian/Pacific Islander students increased by 4 percentage points, Black students increased by… Read More

The College-Readiness Debate

BY ANDREW KELLY |  Every year, students, families and taxpayers spend billions of dollars on remedial courses that don’t count toward a student’s college degree. Currently, high school graduates can use federal student aid money to pay for up to 30 credits of remedial coursework, so long as it is part of a degree-granting program.… Read More