A Smarter Charter: Book Release and Response

The CUNY Institute for Education Policy at Roosevelt House

A Smarter Charter: Book Release and Response


Richard Kahlenberg
Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation


Halley Potter
Fellow, The Century Foundation

with response from

Gerard Robinson
Vice President of Partnerships, UniversityNow
Former Florida Commissioner of Education and Virginia Secretary of Education

moderated by 

David Steiner
Dean, Hunter College School of Ed., and Director, CUNY Institute for Ed. Policy
Former Commissioner of Education, New York

As charter schools grow in number and popularity across the country, more and more people are beginning to examine what makes charters successful and what role they should play in education policy. In their new book A Smarter Charter, Richard Kahlenberg and Halley Potter focus on the role charters can play in school integration and the importance of teacher voice in how schools are run. Join us on October 7 as we look more deeply at their work and the ideals and limitations of charter school policy. Read more on this in the New York Times.