Top Stories 12 / 16–20 / 2013

Top Stories was going to take a break for the holiday, but the news kept coming in, beginning with our own terrific Roosevelt House event with Joel Klein…. Then came the NAEP results for the nation’s urban districts (TUDA) – big news, and not all good…. Hillary Clinton advocating for closing “the Word Gap”….  DeBlasio kicks off his Pre-K campaign… AFT-NEA mergers… Pondiscio challenges Meier to a Progressive duel…. And the Lists begin….


Joel Klein Defends His Chancellorship – And Offers Encouragement to Future Reformers




NAEPs for Cities Scores Are In – Is it TUDA the Wrong Horn?

Results are “Encouraging,” Says ED

Not so Fast, says Smarick

Statement from Arne Duncan

Dropout Nation calls it “the NAEP Dishonor Roll”

NYC Scores Flat

Joy Resmovits says Mixed Results

Bonus Question

Which State Closed the White-Black Gap the Most?


The Push for pre-K Kicks Up Some Dust

The New First Grade: Kindergarten

DeBlasio Launches Pre-K Initiative

New Report on Pre-K in Tennessee: Cuidado 


David Brooks:  The “Fundamental Attribution Error” (Does it Apply to Education?)

From the Archives

The Fundamental Attribution Error of Education: It’s Not Bad People, but Bad Ideas:

More AFT-NEA Mergers


The Word Gap and the Knowledge Gap

Hillary Clinton:  Close the Word Gap

How the Word Gap is Connected to the Knowledge Gap

The Difference between Knowledge and Skills

Can Knowledge Level the Playing Field?

Miracle on High Street: The Year at the Core Knowledge Foundation


Amanda Ripley: Students are Bored to Death


What Should Kids Know – and Why?

Robert Pondiscio: Who is the Real Progressive?

Deborah Meier Responds: It Doesn’t Matter What Kids Know

From the Archives

Michael Gove: The Progressive Betrayal


Walton Foundation Pumps Cash into Vouchers



USA Today: We Need Tax Credits for Faith-Based Schools


Let the 2013 Lists Begin

NYT Top 75 Education Books of 2013

Education Next Review of 2013

Top Stories:

Top Blog Posts:

Top Books:

Mike Goldstein’s Top Ten for 2013

  1.         What GPA should teachers have?
  2.        Should high schools herd more kids to (AP) Stats than AP Calculus?
  3.        Ray’s Tech Product Review: Class Dojo
  4.        Revisiting Good To Great: What Happened To Those 11 Companies? Hmmmmm…..
  5.         I’ve Taught 4 Years. Should I Get A Masters?
  6.        Fighting Back Against Differentiated Instruction
  7.         Khan Academy vs Accelerated Math
  8.        The Four Horsemen of Fixed Mindset
  9.        Jared’s Tech Review: Bloomboard
  10.       The Merits of the Demerit System



In the War on Poverty, a Dogged Adversary

Children and Poverty: Invitation to a Dialogue


Does Everything Have to be Fun?

The Road to Happiness


Teachers and Teaching

Why Overseas Students Do Better in Math and Science Overseas

Barry Garelick’s New Math Education Book

Good Teaching:  the Movie

Readers Respond

Teacher Eval Pushback in New Mexico


Cuomo says More Spending Won’t Solve our Problems (See Minute 8:00)


Success for All Continues to be Successful



How about a Cap on Bad Schools? 




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